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in the grand scheme of investing. Optimal, trading, strategies (pub. In fact, many pages are filled with imposing mathematical formulas and derivations. . A framework for forecasting market impact and risk. Such explicitness is needed to fully cover this often complicated subject matter though. In summary, Kissell and Glantz brilliantly fill a significant gap in the literature and its applications in real-life trading. Investors need to find an appropriate balance between cost and risk, given the goals and objectives of the fund.

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It is accompanied by the most complete mathematical and quantitative analysis of vwap I have encountered. The answer lies in the proactive management of transaction costs and selection of trading strategy, the process to which this book is dedicated. Optimal, trading, strategies addresses several fundamental problems involved during the analysis of market impact and trading costs. One of which is known as the "Traders dilemma". A process to achieve best execution, metrics for measuring costs and evaluating performance. Kissell and Glantz also include a practical discussion of why traders select the popular Volume Weighted Price Strategy for trade allocations.

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