currency revaluation report in sap

1 system_failure. Select which main accounts to revalue: All, Balance sheet, or Profit and loss. The exchange rate keys you define here are entered in the master records of the G/L Accounts that you want to valuate. Selection Text: filename. Selection Text: S_kdfsl.

Currency revaluation report in sap
currency revaluation report in sap

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Calculate unrealized gain/loss The unrealized gain/loss transactions are created differently between General ledger revaluation and the AR and AP revaluation process. Revaluate Only: If this indicator is selected, it means that the system only takes exchange rate euro to idr today the valuation run into consideration if it results in a gain. Open_FI_perform_00005010_P call function 'open_FI_perform_00005010_P' exporting i_chgtype 'U' i_origin 'sapf100 update' i_tabname 'bsik' i_where_bukrs bseg-bukrs i_where_lifnr bseg-lifnr i_where_umsks bseg-umsks i_where_umskz bseg-umskz i_where_augdt bseg-augdt i_where_augbl bseg-augbl i_where_zuonr bseg-zuonr i_where_gjahr bseg-gjahr i_where_belnr bseg-belnr i_where_buzei bseg-buzei exceptions others. See full standard documentation available for this report. With this procedure, the valuation is calculated per item total, and items with same invoice reference are viewed together.